Scoreville Version 2.6.6

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from Version 2.1.2 VLC
another VLC (from ok666) VLC
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Athina(shower).part1 | Athina(shower).part2 | Athina(shower).part3
Videos for Scoreville (for new folder "HospitalVideos"):
HospitalSex 4.part1 | HospitalSex 4.part2 | HospitalSex 4.part3 | HospitalSex 4.part4 |HospitalSex 4.part5 | HospitalSex 4.part6
HospitalSex 7.part1 | HospitalSex 7.part2 | HospitalSex 7.part3

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New in 2.6.6:

Fixed: DowntownStreet location unavailable (show:
Fixed: Bug in TwoGirlsEditor (show:
Fixed: Energy bug by call sex (show:
Fixed: PrisonLocation without girls (show:

Change & modification: Cars can be added by users using CarEditor. Note: The pictures for cars must have extension PNG.
New: Cars can be upgraded. Some upgrades increase the risk of an accident, but also increase the resale value.
New: Upgrades will also lower the chance of a police bust in illegal street races.

Change: While creating a new player you can increase/decrease cock length by six points.

Change: Sex with a police girl is ending in the destination location. (show:

Change: The million lottery is played only once a week: On Sunday. (show:

Change: DirtyDream now works only for a new PositionLocation "Dream" and can use threesome scenes. (show:

Change: PositionLocation "HospitalDoctor" was renamed to "HospitalWork" (player is working) to avoid confusion with "Hospital" (player is patient).

Change: In Bank you can work as a apprentice (if you have 15 business points) or in hopital you can work as a assistant doctor (if you have 15 medical points). The salary was updated.

Change: Opening times for some locations.

New: In HospitalRoom while walking in hospital at night + during health check or in HospitalLocation during health check you have a chance to see a new event for voyeur. (same as Downtown, see version 2.1.2)
The hospital videos have to be in the new folder "HospitalVideos".

New: In Downtown you can put a Bitch girl to your favorite list (during sex). If you have any Bitch girls in this list and you visit Downtown, you can see a button in middle top of the side.
New: In Downtown you can take part in illegal street races. Each round will increase your winnings, but the chance for a police bust will also increase. Will you cash-in or risk another round?

New: Buy books or a PC for learning at home. (show:
In many location you must have a minimum of 15 university study points for work or 35 home study points, though.

New: Sex toys can be broken during sex. In the UserSettings you have a new entry "Chance of broken sex toy during sex". (show:
New: Furnitures can be broken during sex. In the UserSettings you have a new entry for this.

New: For a new player you can set a difficulty level (easy, medium or hard). It works only for a new player, old savegames use the easy level.
The difficulty level has an effect on learning, work-outs, flirting and sex for increase or decrease the stats.

New in Editors: Cock length in the GirlDetails to set the prefered min. and max. cock length. (show:

New for SceneEditors: Set a second sex toy for the position.

New for TwoGirlsEditor: Save a selected girl from girl lists as single girlpack without CommonScene(s).
Import another TwoGirlspack into the current girlpack.

Lister shows a hint if partner type is not set to either white or black at non-stripclub locations.
New: You can export all shown girlpack parameters to a CSV file in Lister.

Change: Version number to 2.6.6

New in 2.5.3:

Fixed: Wrong tool tip in the editors for "Set New Guid"

New: Girls with duplicate ID will now be skipped during game start. Use Scoreville.Lister to fix your girlpacks.
New: Repair broken save games by individually checking all IDs.
New: Lister has got a new tool, "Fix All Duplicate IDs". It will iterate through all girls, set a new ID if needed and save the pack. Could take a while!

Change: Modification of the log system, all messages will be appended now. Manually delete the file if it grows too large.

New: show the girl ID in the editors

Change: Version number to 2.5.3

New in 2.5.1:

New: Girl AI simulation! All the girls in the game now have a basic simulated behavior. Each girl will go around the city, working, relaxing,
partying and (occasionally) sleeping. No more getting a girl drunk one place, only to find her sober 10 seconds later in the other end of the city!
This will make the city feel more alive, the girls more realistic and create more immersion in the game.
The girls will have a bi-weekly regular work schedule, which means that if there is a specific girl you want to flirt with, you can find out where
she works and when.
This is the very first version of the system an obviously a huge change in the gameplay. If everybody likes it, we may later expand it and integrate
it further into the game (allowing you to ask for the work schedule in the chat, for instance).

New: Get to know your girl. You will no longer have exact numbers for hotness, buzz and attraction for complete strangers. When you first meet a girl,
you will have a vague idea, but as you get to know her better, you will get more exact readings.

Change: Since the location of all the girls are now know, the map has been updated to hint where there are girls at any given time.

Change: The flirt popup has been changed around a bit to make it faster to browse girls. It's a bit different from the old one, but we hope you like it.

Fixed: Bug in Hospital. No time change during Healthcheck, Donate Blood, Work or CockEnlargement.
Fixed: Bugs in TwoGirlsEditor
Fixed: Bug with threesomes having 2 cumshots (show:
Fixed: Bug in phone book, if relationship level is too low for girl's scenes (show:
Fixed: You can now cancel VIP Stripclub membership. But do you want to? :)

New/Change: You can control videos with new buttons and sliders. Please note that you can't go backwards, it kinda defeats the purpose of playing a position again.

New/Change: More sex toys to play with. Old girlpacks are compatible, dildo flag is converted to new format.
New: Sex shop in ShoppingLocation, so you can buy all the sex toys.

New/Change: If the player has low charisma or reputation (for a new player), you can flirt with a girl, but can't have sex with her.
But there is a little chance to meet (and fuck) a horny girl in the locations.

Change: Open time for Housing Solutions

Change: A new look for the video window in Downtown and ability to resize it.

Change: Add night cycle to the Mall/Office (show:

New: Girl's image in PoliceControl
Change: Text in PoliceControl (show:

New: Added new location "Jail" (show:
New: Location "CafeWork" (show:

New: User settings for Hospital

New: In the sceneEditors you can see the playing videos in a extra large window. Click on the playing video with the left mouse button.

New/Change: The editors will write their data in small chunks now to conserve memory.

New/Change: Lister will show more hints/warnings (unnamed scenes and cumshots in stripclub locations).

New: FurnitureEditor and furnitures in the game (show:

Change: Design for PlayerEditor

Change: Version number to 2.5.1

New in 2.4.2:

Fixed: Videos are now playable with all newer VLC versions, both in the games' sub-folder or installed in your system's program files. (show:
Fixed: Bug in Jail (show:
Fixed: Bug in Car, if flirting was aborted (show:
Fixed: Bug in Jail, if relationship is lower than required for scene (show:
Fixed: Bug in give Gift (show:

New/Change: Enabled threesomes for Bitch, Police and Toilet location
New: Display small icon if a girl has a tattoo (next to the phone icon)
Change: If there are both single and threesome scenes available for the same girl there is now a configurable chance to play either.
New: EventClubLocation. It's open from monday to sunday from 20 to 4 o'clock. Events are loaded from Events.xml and you can set the events from the mainpage. (show:

New/Change: Added convert function from single to common scene in TwoGirlsEditor, right-click on any single scene to use it.
New/Change: Both editors will show a larger movie preview if the scene editors are maximized.
New: Introduced a tool menu in both editor's scene editors, first function ist "Nice position names" to capitalize the first letter and trim leading/trailing spaces.
New: Introduced function "Set New Guid" in context menus of the editor's girl lists. See below.
New: In the editors it's now possible to specify how many times a position should be played. Old girlpacks are compatible, a position will play 100 times if not stated otherwise. (see:
New: In the editors you can set if a position uses a dildo or not. If yes and you haven't got a dildo, you can't play this position. Dildos can be bought in the drugstore. Old girlpacks are compatible.
New: MP4 support for editors

New: Lister will show tattoos, country and zodiac.
New: Lister will show if there is a Guid conflict between girls. The same girl ID will result in strange effects, e.g. same relationship level, girlfriend conflicts or wrong girlpack opened in lister. Use the editors to set a new ID.
New: Lister will show if there is an empty Guid attached to a girl. Also use the editors to set a new ID.

Change: Version number to 2.4.2

New in 2.3.2:

Fixed: Bug while dealing drugs (show: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=320)
Fixed: Bug in Dancehalls if your girlfriend is with you in the Nightclub or VIP Nightclub (show: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=322)
Fixed: Design bug in Editor's SceneEditor (show: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=321)
Fixed: Division by zero while flirting if both charisma and reputation are zero (show: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=325)
Fixed: Seduce with condom (show: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=326)
Fixed: Bug in HospitalRoom, now "Walk in Park" and "Walk along the Ward" have the correct time checks
Fixed: Bug in HospitalRoom by Swim (show: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=338)
Fixed: Editor now uses absolute paths in "Import Girlpack to Girlpack" to avoid corruption of movies
Fixed: Possible corruption of TwoGirlsPack while changing a CommonScene in TwoGirlsEditor (show: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=337)
Fixed: Bug in Gym by Accident
Fixed: Bug in PlayerEditor
Fixed: Bug in GameButtonStyles

New/Change: Added VolumeSlider in Dirtydream

New: Introducing STDs. If you have unprotected sex there is a chance to catch a STD. It will reduce your stats over time and can be treated by staying in the Hospital Room.
New: add new "Chance of STD" in Settings.

New: At the University you can study for medical (work as doctor) or business (work as bank manager) to get more money.
New/Change: For working as a doctor you must have a minimum of 50 medical study points or have worked at least 50 hours.
New/Change: For working as a bank manager you must have a minimum of 50 business study points or have worked at least 50 hours.
New: Working as a doctor uses a new location called HospitalDoctor. The old Hospital is used during health checks. Edit your girlpacks to reflect this.

New: Added Drugstore and some new items to Mall.
New Item: Aftershave. For better flirting you must have this. The effect is lost after 12 hours and/or after sex!
New Button: "Use AfterShave", you can find it next to the daytime and the quit button.

New: Added new setting for auto saveing the game while sleeping. Standard is "No".
New/Change: "Chance of disease" no longer depends from sex.

Change: Pool location is open until 22 o'clock.

New: Lister shows movie format.

New: Extract, save and import common scene in TwoGirlsEditor
New: Move common scene in TwoGirlsEditor
New: Saving an existing TwoGirlsPack will result in smaller file size.

Change: Version number to 2.3.2

Fixed Design-Bug in Editor

New in 2.2.0:

Fixed: Bug in JailLocation (show: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=316 and viewtopic.php?f=5&t=290)
Fixed: Bug in PoliceControl
Fixed: Bug in Hospitalroom
Fixed: Bug in Phonebook (show viewtopic.php?f=5&t=283)
Fixed: Bug in StatisticPopup
Fixed: Bug by LoadGame
Fixed: Bug in Downtown with videos (show viewtopic.php?f=5&t=305)
Fixed: Bug in "SexInCar" (show viewtopic.php?f=5&t=313)
Fixed: Bug by Toiletegirls
Fixed Bugs all around the Game

New: On "New Game" you can set a picture for the player. You can see it in the HomeLocation or in the SexLocations.
For old savegames please use the PlayerEditor.

New: Chance for diseases 12 hours after sex.

New: Chance for a dirty dream while sleeping (works in HomeLocation, HotelRoomLocation and in HospitalRoom).

New/Change: "User settings" with a new style and more settings (random chances).

Change: In all PreSexLocation you can drink BlueTaurus a maximum of 2 times.

Change: It is not so easy to pick-up a girl for sex, if the girl has a rating over 8 and the player's charisma or reputation is too low.

Change: Health check on Hospital  costs $100 in the night.

Change: More Infos about two girls in FlirtPopup.

New in Editors: Double-click in list plays the position or cumshot
New in Editors: More Infos about Scenes
New in Editors: Clean-up for girlpacks to remove unneeded directory information
Bug in TwoGirlsEditor: If you have a lot of Singlescenes, the Phrases out of range.

New: Stand-alone program Scoreville.Lister to show the important properties of all girlpacks.

Program code was optimized by OK666.

Change: Version number to 2.2.0

New in 2.1.2:

Fixed: Bug in Sexlocation
Fixed: Bug in ThreesomeSexlocation
Fixed: Bug in FlirtPopup
Fixed: Bug in Downtown.

New: In the Gym you can train martial arts skills. After 30 training hours you can work as martial arts trainer. After 20 trainer hours you can visit FightClubLocation in Downtown.

New in DowntownStreets: New event for voyeur. You can see a girl showering or a couple having sex. (You see a new folder under Scoreville named "Videos". Put movies in that folder with extensions *.avi, *.mpg or *.wmv.) Additionally you have a chance to meet a dirty girl. New Location in Editor for this is "Bitch".
Change in Downtown: Removed the "CAR PARKING ZONE"! "DowntownCar" is no longer available in the SceneEditor, it is replaced by "SexInCar". Edit your girl packs to reflect this.

New on CityScreen: "Sex in Car"-Button. If you have girls with car sex, you must set the location to "SexInCar" and IsDay to "Day" or "Night" in the SceneEditor.

New/Change: Park is open until 22 o'clock. Please edit IsDay for your park girls to "Day" or "Night".
New/Change: Available girls on location will instantly change with the day/night cycle from now on. Edit your girl packs to reflect this.
New/Change: Toilet girls are randomly selected on each visit.
New/Change: Dealing drugs in the Park can land you in the recently introduced Jail.
New/Change: New Pictures for many Locations with day/night cycle.

New menu design in Flirt- and PhonePopup or in Clubs.

Design Change: "Drive to City" for HomeLocation, GirlHome (if you have a girlfriend) or HotelRoom.

Program code was optimized by OK666.

Change: Version number to 2.1.2

New in 2.0.7:

Fixed: any Bugs in TwoGirlsEditor
Fixed: Bug in all Sexlocations
Fixed: Bug in Dancehall and V.I.P.-Dancehall
Fixed: any Bugs all around the Game

New: You can have a car or bike accident and wake up in the hospitalroom. If you have a girlfriend, she can visit you (and you can have sex with her).

New: You can have an accident by sports (in Gym by "NormalWorkout"; in Park by "Run"; in Pool or Beach by "Swim").

New: More police action while driving with your car or bike. When you are driving intoxicated, you could even get into jail.
Drive you intoxicated repeatedly over 5, you go into jail for a week! You lost many money, reputation and your driver licence!
But you can have sex in the jail (Location is "PoliceStation").

New: For HomeLoaction (Girlhome if you have a girlfriend) or HotelRoom you can used to drive with a taxi or not, if you want to go to the city.

New: All girlpacks are cached on first start-up. This cache file is used in later runs, unless size or date of a girlpack change.

Change: Game settings are stored in a more compact format. Old files unfortunately are invalid.

Change: Version number to 2.0.7

New in 2.0.0:::

Fixed: Bug on FlirtPopup
Fixed: Bug on PhoneBook
Fixed: Bug in HomeLocation and GirlHomeLocation with girlfriend (Thanks to OK666)
Fixed many bugs in the game.
Fixed Bug in TwoGirlsEditor
Fixed Bug in Editor with ImportScene

New: Automatic scrollbars if screen resolution is low
New in Settings: Min.Volume for VolumeSlider in sex locations
New for Girlfriend: Give her Flowers or Jewelry
New in Editors: Save the girl's picture

Change: Version number to 2.0.0

Revised program code and most fixed bugs by OK666.

New in 1.9.7:

Fixed: Bug on TwoGirlsEditor
Fixed: If you start the game before all gilrpacks loaded, the game can crash if you have a gilrfriend.

New: "Settings" Now you can change many settings for the game before you start a new game or load a game
New: You can buy luxury accessories for your livingroom.

Change: ReDesign of "Search a Girl" by NightClub and V.I.P.-NightClub. Click on picture for more girldetails or click on the flirtbutton.

Change/Overwrite/Bug fixed: Drive to locations. If you go to the Night Club by taxi, as long as you drive a taxi until you're back home. Drive with a taxi cost 15$ now.

Change: Versionsnumber to 1.9.7

Special-Thanks to OK666 for ideas and fixed bugs.

New in 1.9.4:

Fixed: Bug on FlirtPopUp
Fixed: Bug in Movieplayer by editors. The editors can be open when you play the game.
Fixed: Bug on University with Membership
Fixed: Bug on Seaport with Dockworkers
Fixed: Bug on Mall with Donation
Fixed: Bug on sexlocations. The game crashes with playertype and scene was zero.

Change: Flirt(speak) with a girl. You can better flirt if your have a lower reputation and New: the girl don't say GoodBye.

Change: Overwrite the TwoGirlsEditor for better handling with the girls.
But! I must set the commonscene to the first girl with all positions!
The Commonscene by the second girl is without positions, or the girlpack goes too large.
The CommonSceneList therefore does not respond to the second girl!
If different girls selected in both lists, it is still possible to edit the right CommonScene!

Change: Increased the number of positions from 18 to 24. You can put max. 24 positions to a scene in SceneEditor

Change: Versionsnumber to 1.9.4

New in 1.9.1:
Fixed: Bug on HotelRoomlocation
Bug on FlirtPopup  (crashed the game)
Bug on Movieplayer in SceneEditors and TwoGirlsSceneEditor (crashed the editors)

Change in (Single)GirlEditor: If you have a scene with AVI-Videos and save this selected Scene, the videos was convert to mpg-Videos.
You can better import this scene in another girlpack.

Change: Versionsnumber to 1.9.1

Include with TwoGirlsEditor 1.0.1!
Include with another VLC-Folder (from original Scoreville 1.2.3)

For Scenes you must set, if the partner is white or black! "None" doesn't work for the locations!

New in 1.9.0:
Fixed: Bug on Girlhomelocation
Bug on Homesexlocation for Girlfriend (Relationshiplevel).
Bug on Policestation to fuck a girl
Bug on SceneEditor

New: Your girlfriend can drives with you to the location (Bar, Cafe, Casino, Night- and VIP-Nightclub) and you can have sex with two girls! I hope, you have viagra!
If you work at the bar, you have a chance to meet a girl. New PositionLocation for this girls is "BarWork"
In Phonebook you can sort the girls by letters or search for a string
On Mall-Location you donate Money for a good cause randomly.
On Downtown you can go to a Massagesalon. New Positionlocation for this girls is "Massage"

New in SceneEditor:
Remove-All-Button for positions
New in SceneEditor:
Movieplayer to see, if the videos works (Not work for imported girl or scene).
New in GirlEditor:
You can move up or move down the selected girl.

Complete New Editor for two Girls! So you can make a threesome sexscenes with two girls.
Threesome-Scenes works for many locations (except in Bordello and V.I.P.Bordello)! I hope, you have viagra!
You can add another first girl to the second girl or add another second girl to the first girl and made a common scene.
One CommonScene can have to 32 Positions!
You can made single scences to first or second girl.

Change: by girlfriend: To more you are nice to your girlfriend, the longer it keeps the relationship
on Seoportlocation you can relax in the time from 6 to 20 clock. Not at night.
Overwrite the FlirtPopup-Design. You can see at the button, if you can have sex with the girl (green) or not (red).
on the locations Bar, Cafe, Casino and Nightclub i change the Min-Rating to "0" and the Max-Rating to "10".
Overwrite the PhonebookPopup to works with TwogirlsScenes (made by the new Editor)
Versionsnumber to 1.9.0

For Scenes you must set, if the partner is white or black! "None" doesn't work for the locations!

NO MP4-Support. It doesn't work over Stream. I don't no why.


Pictures from the new TwoGirlsEditor:
You can use the right mousebutton over girllists to import a girl or over scenelists to import a scene